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With the launch of the Government's Green Deal there has never been a better time to add Solar Panels to your home. With new funding options, you can enjoy reduced energy bills and produce clean, green electricity for up to 40 years!

Step 1

If you would like to install fully funded Solar Panels with no upfront cost, it begins with a Green Deal Assessment

Step 2

Our impartial, highly trained Green Deal Assessors (GDA) will then ask questions about your current energy bills and will carry out a full energy efficiency report of you home called a Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR)

Step 3

Your GDA will then return with a unique GDAR for your property and Green Deal Plan which includes all funding options for the recommended energy saving improvements

Step 4

Once you have agreed your Green Deal Plan we will help organise all the paperwork and make sure you get 100% of the Green Deal cash back and funding you are entitled to

Step 5

HELMS will then project manage your entire installation so you have one point of contact instead of dealing with several trades people. All work is completed under strict quality control to meet the Green Deal Approved standards

Step 6

After your Solar PV system is installed, we will create a new Energy Report (EPC) to show how much your home has improved. The greater the improvement in energy rating, the greater the savings on your energy bills!